MelRose Michaels: A True American Hustler

The hustle, something that many people struggle with daily. Many people are working jobs that they do not want to work, for a boss that they hate, in a lifestyle that they cannot stand. This is how most Americans are living for their day-to-day lives. Yet, some people are brushing off the disdain and depressing daily lives in order to pursue passions that they love. This one woman, known on Instagram as @melrosemichaels has decided to take a different path in order to live a fulfilling and complete life.

Most of you know me pretty well but for people who are meeting me for the first time, let me “formally” introduce myself. I’m a 28-year-old published model, marketer, entrepreneur and influencer who grew up in Chicago IL. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life, everything from working retail and restaurants, to real estate. The most interesting job I’ve had though, thus far in my lifetime, is as a webcam model.

When I was 20, I broadcasted live online in lingerie for the first time in my life. I had just moved out of my mothers and was working a bank job, and gogo dancing in downtown Chicago on the weekends. I logged on with the intention that I would not log off until I made my $975 rent. At around 4am that morning, I had made over $1000. And little did I know, within the next 7 days, I would make over $7,000. Needless to say, later that year I quit my job at the bank and began what’s now been a 9-year career of chatting online in lingerie. I’ve been lucky to find a fanbase that adores me, and an extraordinarily warm community to call home since I began this career. It’s allowed me to do a lot of really great things, like recently, on somewhat of a whim, I uprooted my entire life, bought 80 acres of land and moved to the Tennessee.

I’ve always been more of a country girl at heart, probably because I was born in rural Pennsylvania, in small town middle of nowhere. I think the city/suburb life was wonderful for the time I lived it, but as I’m almost 30 now and something about wide open spaces puts my heart at peace. While my profession as a webcam model can cause some people to look down on me, there are widely misunderstood. I’m a millennial, part of the last generation who remembers life without internet. I’m an internationally known businesswoman, I’ve owned and operated more than one business in my lifetime and profited. I’m a wife. Actually, more appropriately, I’m a newlywed. Because yes, relationships do exist even when you work in an adult entertainment industry. I’m also a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. I’m an amateur photographer, videographer, producer, and writer. I could go on forever. The point I’m getting at is I’m here to show you that there’s so much more behind the pretty face. There are brains behind the beauty, and talent beyond my body.

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