Frederick William Penney: Business and Law Guru

So, as my readers know, I like to enlighten them and help them better their lives. Whether it be through better health advice, investment advice, etc. Yet, I cannot know all of this information and knowledge myself. Sometimes, an internationally known expert in an industry needs to be brought in so give advice that would usually cost thousands to obtain. Yet today, I interviewed the world-famous lawyer and business expert Frederick William Penney (@frederickpenney1).

Frederick has worked for everything his entire life. When he was a kid, he did not have a lot of money and was considered living in a low-income household in California. Yet, even at a young age, Frederick knew he wanted success that would come from a passion that he truly loves: being an internationally recognized lawyer. Yet, since his parents could not afford college, Frederick had to pay his way through the college he attended, Brigham Young University, where he studied law and earned his juris doctorate in 1991. Frederick then went on to start his own law firm, “Penny and Associates”, along with getting a reputation for having vast knowledge in multiple industries and being an international business expert that people have tuned in to listen for years. I knew I had to talk to Frederick about his wildly successful business venture, so I decided to call him up during his radio show.

Frederick is the founder of an incredibly popular and famous internationally syndicated radio show “Radio Law Talk” so I had to ask him what advice he had for people during these hard times. I also asked him what types of companies they should be investing, especially in this time of turmoil and confusion.

“If you have a mediocre business or business idea, and a great person or persons handling that company, then the odds of it becoming successful is much greater than the aforementioned business,” said Penney. “The biggest mistakes I have made in the past have been investing in the wrong person.”

So, invest in the right person, not the right business idea because a truly successful business comes from the person. If you want to hear more about Frederick, his life, and his wildly successful podcast, check out Frederick on his Instagram @frederickpenney1 or listen to his radio show on Instagram @radiolawtalk!



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