Cry Baby. No, what I am describing is not a kid who cries too much. Instead, it is a newer clothing brand that changes what it means to actually be a clothing brand. See, a lot of clothing brands focus on the design of the clothes versus the actual message. Instead, Cry Baby focuses on building the community, which it has currently done all organically. Yet the founder, Esma Ilyas, is not new to the clothing and brand building scene. In fact, Esma got her start with a brand that is household recognizable called Ivory Ella.

Even though Esma is only 24 years old, she has always had a knack for fashion and building brands that matter. Cry Baby (@crybaby), founded on the motto ‘its ok to cry’, encompasses the need for discussions about being able to show emotion when necessary in order to help express what a person is truly feeling. In order to grow this culture, Esma uses a special tactic that she has learned through her years of experience with Stargaze and Ivory Ella: discussion posts.

Instead of simply posting the same basic post that most brands do that shows someone wearing their brand, Esma decided to instead use discussion posts. Cry Baby actually acres about their customers personal needs and in fact does weekly rant posts in order to engage and talk with her followers. By engaging with a customer’s mental health, Esma has built up a recurring customer that actually believes in the brand and believes in the message that it’s sending.

Cry Baby is simply about doing things right. By creating an engaging audience that depends on Cry Baby to be able to let their emotions show, she created a message versus a brand. Cry Baby’s success shows this, having done millions in sales and being on track to do millions more. In fact, one of their most recent collections, their vintage tennis collection, sold out within an hour. This demonstrates the true power of Cry Baby and what Esma has been able to accomplish.



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